Data Processing Agreement Schedule

Transferred personal data is subject to the following basic processing activities: Vision6 offers an e-mail service, an automation and marketing platform and other related services. Personal data transmitted to Vision6 is subject to data processing activities related to Vision6`s e-mail service, automation and marketing platform. 11.1 The subcontractor may not transfer or authorize the transfer of data to countries outside the EU and/or the European Economic Area (EEA) without the company`s prior written consent. When personal data processed under this agreement is transferred from a country within the European Economic Area to a country outside the European Economic Area, the parties ensure that personal data is adequately protected. To do so, contracting parties, unless otherwise agreed, rely on standard contractual clauses approved by the EU for the transfer of personal data. 10.1 Ranking: In the event of conflict or contradictions between the agreements between the contracting parties, the standard contractual clauses apply, then the timetable, followed by the agreement. Obligation after termination of data processing services Clauses are governed by the jurisdiction in which the data exporter is established. The data exporter entered a data processing plan (“DPS”) with the data importer. In accordance with the provisions of the DPS, the services provided by the data importer involve the transfer of personal data to the data importer.

The data importer is located in a country that does not guarantee an adequate level of data protection. In order to ensure compliance with Directive 95/46/EC and applicable data protection legislation, the processing manager accepts the provision of such services, including the processing of personal data relating to this type of data, subject to the implementation and compliance of the provisions of these clauses by the data importer. 2.3 We only treat the company`s personal data on behalf and in accordance with your instructions and the performance of our obligations under the Agreement, unless further treatment is required by the applicable laws to which the contract processor is subject, in which case the contracted subcontractor will immediately inform the company of this legal obligation, as permitted by law, before processing the personal data of that company. The conditions contained in this RGPD treatment plan are included in any agreement that specifically relates to this RGPD treatment plan and contains it (“agreement”). To the extent that data protection laws (as defined below) apply to the contract, the parties agree that this timetable applies. For the purposes of this PDPP processing plan, the client is a data manager (sometimes referred to as “data manager”) and Logistyx is a data processor (sometimes referred to as “data processing”). The following terms and terms are: (c) The parties are working to implement a data processing agreement in accordance with the requirements of the applicable legal framework for data processing and the European Parliament and Council 2016/679 for the protection of personal data and the free movement of personal data; repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation). (c) take appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure a risk-appropriate level of security and take all necessary measures under data protection legislation, including section 32 of the RGPD, with respect to the processing of personal data, taking into account the risks involved in processing, including accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, modification, unauthorized disclosure or access to personal data transmitted, stored or processed; `data protection legislation`, the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“RGPD” in its current and existing

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