Navres Officer Incentive Agreement

(3) Be required to take the U.S. Coast Guard Authorization Examination. Violation of this agreement results in the termination of the cadet status and life benefits of federal students and may result in legal action to recover all previous payments. (c) as a mission officer operating in a U.S. armed force or within the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or in any other maritime employment with the federal government, which serves the national security interests of the United States, as the Maritime Administrator found satisfactory; or (A) as a merchant navy officer operating on documented vessels in accordance with U.S. laws or on vessels owned by the United States or a U.S. state or territory; The U.S. Merchant Marine, as an essential component of national defence, provides the primary merlienne capability necessary to meet national defence requirements. In order to support these lift requirements, the Department of the Navy has implemented the SSOP. The SSOP provides naval officers with the opportunity to obtain a valid U.S. Commercial Navy licence and navigation, shipping and logistics expertise required to complete many of the Navy`s combat support missions. (i) use student incentives to cover the cost of uniforms, books and livelihoods; (4) Sea-related employment.

(i) higher education graduates who intend to claim employment in a U.S. marine industry, who perform all or part of the marine science profession as an performance of the duty of service covered in paragraph b) paragraph 3, point vi), of this section, must prove to the data protection delegate that they scrupulously sought and were not available for employment as a merchant marine agent. This and other available information is taken into account at each finding. Given the current and foreseeable opportunities for employment on the water, the Marine Administrator will rarely grant the option of shoreline employment on the basis of extensive evidence. (iii) take the U.S. Merchant Navy Officer`s Licence exam at the end of or before the end of school and qualify for such a licence no later than three (3) months after graduation; In order to continue to support defence requirements, incentives are available for SSOP cadets through the SIP. Enrollees can receive up to 32,000 $US, which must be used to offset the cost of teaching, uniforms, books and the living wage. (4) Compliance with the physical standards established by the U.S. Coast Guard for initial admission as a Merchant Navy Officer. The school superintendent`s written certificate, based on a physical examination by a physician, the results of which must be recorded at the school that a candidate meets these requirements, will be acceptable to the administration. (iv) to retain, at least six (6) years after the date of school, a valid licence as an officer in the U.S. Merchant Navy, accompanied by the corresponding national and international mentions and certifications required by the U.S.

Coast Guard for use on domestic and international routes (“appropriate” means the same mentions and certifications that should be obtained at the time of conclusion); (2) Be obliged (i) to complete the Naval Science program (ii) take all necessary and positive steps to obtain a commission as a sign in the United States Naval Reserve, (iii) request that commission before closing and (iv) accept such a commission if proposed. Violation of this agreement results in the termination of the cadet status and life benefits of federal students and may result in legal action to recover all previous payments.

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