The Wedding Agreement Elizabeth Hayley

I was quite a surprise when I went to get this book. I didn`t realize it was the third and final book in a series, and I didn`t realize that Elizabeth Hayley was actually two authors. Finally, I was pleased to find that the marriage agreement is NOT another take-the-pretend girlfriend-to-the-wedding romance. It`s a let pretend to marry romantic! Alex and Cass are satisfied with their individual lives and their friends with benefits. The premise that Cass speaks without thinking is funny and unashamed. What could go wrong if we introduced ourselves as a fiancé to her ex? There are many humorous and sentimental moments that arise from this persistent farce. I enjoyed all the characters in The Wedding Agreement. Of course, most, if not all, had been introduced in the previous two books, but it`s easy to get a feel for the characters and their makeshift family. Alex is the very reasonable guy whose job as an FBI agent usually takes precedence over the rest of his life. In this book, however, he makes a concerted effort to be present for his daughter Nina. Your sweet and loving relationship is adorable. I love a father who goes to play dolls with his daughter! Cass is an independent and confident woman.

She comes from a big loving family, but she decided she would rather stay single and focus on her career (the reasoning could be explained in previous books). Like Alex, she has 24/7 on call; She sees marriage and family as something that would limit her personal growth or limit her ability to pursue her goals. While Cass and Alex consider marriage proposals so that Alex`s ex-wife doesn`t know she`s faking it, of course, they form a deeper bond. The time spent together, each of them has more to appreciate the others. While Alex is the first to admit (for himself) that his feelings for Cass have changed, it is Cass who most questions their feelings and prejudices about marriage and the family. The authors did a good job of showing Cass` exploration of their goals, desires and needs in terms of career and relationship nature. I loved Alex and Cass together. The joke between the two is fabulous and clearly shows the basis of their friendship. The chemistry between the two is undeniable. The marriage agreement is a fun read with minimal drama and fear. Of course, there is a conflict and the story culminates in its dissolution, but it is not overplayed and does not overload the story. Overall, the humour, vivacity and humour of the authors shine in this carefree reading that makes you smile from ear to ear.

The Romero Brothers (Full Collection, Books 1-8) . Cassidy Mullen is not the same. The independent career woman has never had a man in her plans – forget the children.

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