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Several political groups have submitted reports on the proposed agreement, including: finally, Washington`s perseverance in including agriculture before the opening of the negotiations still casts doubt on the possibility of an agreement and may be acceptable to raise the question of a French veto in the Council. Closer trade relations strengthen our national security and strengthen American leaders. The more we work with our friends, the less they depend on our rivals. If we do not write the rules of the global economy, someone else will. At a broader level, trade agreements show other countries that we are trusted partners. In addition, trade agreements encourage other countries to embrace our free enterprise values in a free world. In short, trade agreements will strengthen our national security because they demonstrate our commitment, ups with U.S. values and strengthens our credibility. The Europeans have now agreed on two negotiating mandates to eliminate residual tariffs across the industrial sector, as well as an agreement on compliance assessment to reduce non-tariff barriers and to make it easier for companies to demonstrate that their products meet the technical requirements of both the EU and the US. , while maintaining the high level of European precautionary standards. The content of draft treaties and reports on rounds of negotiations are classified by the public, an agreement that The Independent has criticized as “secret and undemocratic”. [16] As noted above, elected representatives can only consult the texts in a secure “reading room” in Brussels, in order to avoid any new wave of information on the TTIP negotiations. A project in the sustainable development section of TTIP was sent to the Guardian in October 2015.

A French lawyer invited to comment on the document described the proposed environmental protection measures as “virtually non-existent” in relation to investor protection and, according to Friends of the Earth Europe, 60% of the 127 ISDS cases against EU countries in the past two decades under bilateral trade agreements were environmentally related. [105] According to Joseph E. Stiglitz, TTIP could have a “chillende” effect on regulation, undermining “the urgent climate change measures required by the Paris Agreement.” He says that industries that do not bear the “social cost” of pollution do receive hidden subsidies and that TTIP would give companies much more opportunities to sue governments for environmental protection mechanisms. [106] The Europeans have categorically refused to include the agricultural sector, which is contrary to Washington`s wishes. The scope of the agreement is therefore not at all comparable to the TTIP project, which also included public contracts, services and a number of regulatory issues, including intellectual property and investment. This is only a piecemeal negotiation, the terms of which had already been well studied during the simplest phase of the process, in the early stages of the TTIP negotiations. The European Union is by far the largest international economic partner of the United States, with more than $1.5 trillion in goods, services and revenue per year. A comprehensive transatlantic trade and investment agreement will eliminate tariffs and non-tariff barriers, improve the compatibility of US and EU regulatory systems, and liberalise investment, services and government procurement. The Business Coalition for Transatlantic Trade will strengthen the U.S. economy`s interest in this proposed agreement. To join the coalition, go While the European Commission`s draft mandate for the new transatlantic negotiations has so far focused only on tariff reductions and regulatory cooperation, business lobbyists are insisting that the TTIP trade agreement be much broader, as the US government envisions.

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