European Agreement On Regulations Governing The Movement Of Persons

The continuing challenges have helped to underline the inseparable link between sound management of the external borders and free movement within these external borders and have given rise to a series of new measures, both to improve security checks on persons entering the Schengen area and to improve the management of the external borders (4.2.4 and 4.2.7). – Passport valid or expired within the last five years – Valid identity card – For persons under 18 years of age, accompanied by an authorization issued by the person exercising parental authority after appearance before a central police station, a judge, notary, mayor or commander of a civil guard service (Guard). one. abolition of internal border controls for all persons; The directive has been marked by problems and controversies, with evidence of serious shortcomings in transposition and persistent obstacles to free movement, as shown by the Commission`s reports and Parliament`s studies on the application of the directive, infringement procedures against Member States for incorrect or incomplete transposition, the large number of petitions tabled in Parliament and the considerable burden before the ECJ. Criticism by some member states in 2013-2014 of the alleged abuse of free movement rules by EU citizens for the purposes of “charity tourism” has given rise to discussions at EU level on possible reforms that have been cancelled in the meantime following the UK`s decision to leave the EU. Parliament has long fought hard to preserve the right to free movement, which it considers to be the central principle of the European Union. . . .

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