Tenancy Agreement Cyprus

In the case of an oral rental contract of uncertain duration, it should have been a maximum of one year to be valid. An unknown duration or more than one year invalidates the rental agreement. The consequence depends on whether the tenant has entered the property, whether he remains in possession and how to pay the rent. Another topic to consider is that of communication; The words used must be clear and clear and claim to determine the existing lease at a given time. The communication must clearly indicate when the property is required or given so that the tenant knows what is being asked of him. Pursuant to section 77(1) of the Contracts Act, Chap. 149, real estate leases with a duration of more than one year are not valid and enforceable unless: (a) they are written and signed at the end by the parties concerned and (b) in the presence of at least two witnesses authorized to enter into contracts and sign their names as witnesses. An oral rental agreement is valid if the rental agreement exists for a period of less than one year, otherwise it is void. For a tenant of a property to become a legal tenant, either the first lease must expire, or the lease must be duly terminated and the tenant must remain the property`s ownership. For the lease to be compulsory, the property must be located in the areas controlled by the Rent Control Act and the premises must be completed by 31.12.1999. All other leases, including leases, remain contractual and are subject to the agreement of the parties. These rentals are outside the scope of the Rent Control Act and the tenant remains in possession during the rental period, unless the lease is renewed or extended. People are often interested in discovering their legal status and rights as owners or tenants of Cypriot real estate such as shops, houses, apartments, offices or even land.

In doing so, they encounter legalistic words such as “lease”, “contractual or legal lease”, “lease valid or not”, “termination of the first lease” and many others, sometimes difficult to understand, even for lawyers. In such cases too, the rent control court may order the lessor to grant the tenant, instead of damages, the right to a new lease after the conversion. Finally, the court may award damages in the amount of 9 to 18 months` rent and/or damages for the loss of good value of a business. To avoid misunderstandings, determine which party is responsible for which charges. As a rule, the cyprus Life tenant is responsible for taxes on electricity, television, telephone, water, gas and diesel, while the owner is usually responsible for municipal taxes, municipal taxes, property taxes and property insurance. Specify that oral agreements or additions are included in the contract. . .


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